T&L Supershow ep. 53

We’re back! Episode 53 is available for you to ingest right now!   This week Dan and Panda cover all of the recent MLB free agency moves, along with what the Twins have been up to.   Then they take…

T&L Supershow ep 52

Happy New Year! We’re back with a brand new episode to ring in the new year. This week Dan and Panda talk about TV shows, Dan’s complaints with Star Wars fans, and the terrible news regarding Miguel Sano. The 4D…

T&L Supershow ep. 51

Brand new Supershow! Dan and Panda cover the Twins’ free agency signings, and even talk about former MLB closer Brian Wilson! Check out this episode on Spreaker, iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, and Pocket Casts!

T&L ep 50

We’re back with a bunch of baseball chatter no less! We talk about the vacant managerial position at AAA, the Twins’ hiring of Masa Abe, whether the Twins have a shot at Darvish or Ohtani (we know the answer to…

No, We Don't All Look Alike

I really didn’t think I needed to write this article. I really didn’t think I’d let the awful commentary on social media get to me. I figured it would die down after a few days. I was wrong. Very wrong….