A Quick History

I (Pete) moved to Maple Grove in the middle of second grade. That summer I played on a Cub Ball team called the Expos, where I met Dan. We quickly became good friends, making the short 3 block trip to each other’s houses to wreak havoc on our sleepy neighborhood.

One day Dan’s parents thought it a great idea to move to Godknowswhere, MN, and Dan was removed from my life**. Flash forward to my freshman year at UMD (Bulldog Strong), when a mutual friend of both Dan and I invited my former best friend to visit. Our friendship was quickly rekindled over copious amounts of Halo 2/3/ODST/Reach/4, baseball banter, and a love of terribly awesome emo/screamo/hardcore music.

Alone, we’re amazing. Together, we’re terrifying. From long sports conversations over beers, to talking Twins while on Xbox Live; Dan and I are very happy and proud of “Twins and Losses,” and we hope you will be too.

** Dan and I grew up in a time where cell phones weren’t a “thing” until we were both in college (R.I.P. Motorola Razr). Add a 30 mile drive time, when all you had was a mountain bike, and a sunset curfew, and the friendship became hard to maintain.








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