The Editors: Get To Know ‘Em


Daniel McCarthy

In west Minneapolis ‘burbs, born and raised; on the ball field is where I spent most of my days. Chillin’ out maxin’ relaxin’ all cool, and a love affair with Twins through the outstanding and cruel. Watched the ’87 World Series on my dad’s lap and the ’91 championship on the couch next to him. I’m a man of simple pleasures such as warm pants out of the dryer and stopping on exact dollar amounts while pumping gas. My constant optimism is more than likely a result of how many times I’ve watched ‘Angels in the Outfield’ in my life.



“Panda” Pete Leisen

Lifelong Twins, suspenders, and oral hygiene fan. Radio broadcaster in southern MN.
Once attended 33 Twins home games in 2009.  Lover of the Wild, Wolves, and WWE.
Proud supporter of the UMD Bulldogs. Co-host for All Things Wrestling Radio.
Lead commentator for Extreme Pro Wrestling.

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